Blog Rules

Free Speech, Fair Speech

At the beginning of 2024, I had nearly 90 websites, many of which feature blogs. Years ago, I used to get occasional comments from people who appeared to be intelligent and caring, but that has changed. Today, I get extremely little feedback on my sites or projects, and it’s 99% spam. So, why allow people to comment in the first place?

Let’s just call it a quaint tradition. Or maybe I like to imagine that there are still intelligent people out there somewhere, far from Gothic Seattle and maybe not even in the United States. In fact, I would love to get some posts from people in other countries.

As an author and a student of political science and philosophy, I crave both good reviews / testimonials and constructive criticism.

To cut to the chase, the rules I formerly listed on this page were anal retentive, and I’m starting from scratch. Practically speaking, there are no rules. If you post a comment that’s reasonably intelligent and not illegal, I will very likely post it. Do not be afraid of conspiracy theory and name calling, as long as your theories and mud-slinging are reasonably accurate. I virtually coined the term conspiracy science, and no one slings more mud at the Jews than I do. (Check out my forthcoming book Jewhole and my websites Viva Hitler and Fuck The Troops.)

One can be subversive and yet be more civilized than the average U.S. citizen at the same time.

If you don’t want to post anything radical and abhor obscenities, that’s perfectly fine. What I’m looking for is intelligent thoughts.

If you would like to promote another website(s), that’s fine, particularly if that website features a link to one of my websites. Since it’s virtually impossible to thoroughly investigate every poster or website, I don’t necessarily endorse websites that are listed on my sites. Though I may offer a few comments, it is ultimately up to my visitors to decide who to believe and trust.

In summary, I believe in both free speech and fair speech. And since the Jews have been attacking my free speech and libeling me with unfair speech for decades, I’m not likely to approve any comments made by people who are obviously Jews, Zionists, or Jiggers (people who whore for the Jews).

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