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I have more than fifty websites, and many of them include blog sections. Moreover, most of my websites focus on politix, and we all know how messy that can be.

Accordingly, I decided to brainstorm some rules.

At the present time, all my comments are moderated. In other words, nothing gets posted without my approval. But I am considering creating a community forum.

In the meantime, if you want to know how to write something that is likely to get posted on one of my websites, read on.

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As a fan of free speech, I would like to say “who needs rules?”

However, I’m also a big fan of fair speech and intelligent speech. In addition, battling trolls, spies and infiltrators is a full-time job.

So here is a tentative set of rules for your perusal.


Politics and science are as different as night and day.

In the political arena, people routinely lie and attack other people. The scientific arena, however, is relatively civil. The goal is mutual understanding, not mutual destruction.

Philosophy is similar to science. It’s based on rational thought, and most good philosophers have some ethical standards.

Unfortunately, science and philosophy have both been widely infiltrated and maimed by propagandists, many of them Jews. Nevertheless, “pure” science and philosophy remain respectable goals.

In that spirit, please think of yourself as a scientist and/or a philosopher. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon your political passion. What would life be without passion? Instead, strive for the right balance.

There’s no better example than one of my biggest heroes, Che Guevara.

El Che studied political science and philosophy. He was a dynamic presence in front of a microphone or a camera.

But Guevara was also a dynamic presence on the battlefield. Like me, he believed in accountability, and there are claims that he actually enjoyed killing evil people, even executing them after the Cuban Revolution was won. (God, I wish I could execute some people here in Seattle!)

However, if you read Guevara’s writings or watch some Che Guevara videos, it’s clear he wasn’t some deranged, bloody butcher. On the contrary, he was a very intelligent individual who had some commendable ethical standards, and he had no qualms about killing people who cruelly exploited the masses. He killed bad people precisely because he cared so much about their victims.

Compare that to the trailer park trash who enlist in the U.S. military and blow up hospitals in Muslim countries, then justify it by saying they were only following orders.

In plain English, Chris “The American Sniper” Kyle would not be welcome on this forum, but having Che Guevara as a contributor would be an honor.

Hate Speech

I am not anti-hate. In fact, I believe hate is a very logical thing. It can be rational and even righteous.

Think about a pedophile or media whore getting a bullet in the head or Obama being sent to Libya, where citizens are allowed to torture him to death. I love those kinds of fantasies!

Of course, pedophiles, media whores and most U.S. pResidents have something in common; they’re very evil people who hurt innocent people. As a big believer in right and wrong, along with justice and accountability, I like to see bad people pay for their crimes.

However, it is illogical to describe an entire race or ethnic group as evil, with the possible exception of Jews, though I’m not sure if they qualify as a race. To cut to the chase, this is NOT a site for bigots, including sexists, homophobes and racists, particularly white supremacists.

If you’re anti-Jew, or if you have a broad hatred of the “ruling class” or the United States and/or Israel, that’s cool in my book.

But keep in mind that the general purpose of my forums is to encourage the rational discussion of politix, not wallow in hate speech.

On the other hand, I don’t want forum members to go to the other extreme and treat conspirators and their allies with a respect they don’t deserve.

In that spirit, I encourage forum members to call people who work for the media “media whores.” I simply can’t think of a better term.

Propagandists are going to label us sexist if we spew words like “whore” or “bitch.”

Well, screw’em. The word whore is commonly applied to men as well as women in the political arena (e.g. “corporate whore”). And if you want to call Hillary Clinton or Barbra Streisand or just about any woman who has ever sat on the Seattle School Board a bitch, that’s fine, too. It’s a helluva lot more civil than calling them pedophiles (a term I commonly apply to people who screw children, even if they do it indirectly).

Another word I have no major problem with is “asshole.”

The key word here is balance. Compare the two conversations below. The first one sounds tacky. The other one might offend some people, but it’s actually very rational and even accurate. I like it.

1. What the fuck? Is Joe Biden just another asshole Jew lover? I don’t care what the media whores say about that douchebag.
2. pResident Joe Biden is clearly working for the Jews. He’s just as big an asshole as Donald Trump, even if the media whores claim otherwise.


As you may know, Jews use the term antisemitism as a synonym for “anti-Jew.” Even Encyclopedia Britannica calls antisemitism “a misnomer.”

Calling me an anti-Semite labels you as an idiot, racist, propagandist, Zionist, or all the above (i.e. a Jew).

More intelligent posters are welcome to discuss all facets of Jewarchy (corruption in the Jewish community), from Zionism to Jewish bankers to the Jews’ ongoing efforts to scuttle the First Amendment.

It is, of course, illogical to believe that every living Jew is a bad person. Surely, there must be good Jews, even if they appear to be invisible.

But if it’s OK to say “the Germans” started both world wars, then I think it’s perfectly fair to say “bullshit—the Jews started both world wars.”

In summary, you are free to use the word antisemitism and its derivatives in an intelligent manner (e.g. “When will the Jews stop moaning about ‘Antisemitism’?”). But calling me anti-semitic will get you nowhere. Calling me anti-Jew would be more accurate, though I prefer to think of myself as anti-Jewarchy.

Demonization of Good People

Yes, I’ve heard the stories about Adolf Hitler having either one or three testicles and drinking a daily cocktail of forty drugs. And of course all the “Nazis” were bloodthirsty monsters.

Che Guevara was another bloodthirsty killer. Then there’s the fairy tale about cages full of children being found in Muammar Gaddafi’s basement for his sexual pleasure.

Even if one believes that Hitler really was evil, the wild exaggerations do nothing to help us discover the truth.


Be careful about making specific charges against individuals that can’t be proved.

If you want to call Donald Trump, Obama or George W. Bush mass murderers based on the extraordinary number of people in the Middle East who were killed by the U.S. military while they were commander-in-chief, that’s perfectly fine.

But claiming that Obama gave orders for government agents to murder some activist in Chicago could conceivably be construed as libel.

Remember, the focus is on conspiracy theory. In that spirit, you can engage in speculation and personal hypotheses or theories. The following statements are therefore probably fair:

“I’ll bet hundreds of innocent U.S. civilians were murdered by Team Obama.”

“Aren’t all pResidents sex predators?”

“Hillary Clinton is a de facto criminal.”


I would love to see Donald Trump assassinated, preferably with a bomb that takes out Joe Biden and Obama at the same time. I hope I live to see the day that Israel is nuked.

However, I’ve never threatened to personally assassinate a U.S. pResident, nor do I plan on personally nuking Israel.

This forum is dedicated to the intelligent discussion of conspiracy theory, not to making illegal threats.

It’s OK to vent. If you want to tell us you’d like to punch Joe Biden in the face, or you hope Obama burns in Hell, that’s perfectly fine. Just steer clear of language that can be construed as a legitimate, legal threat.


I don’t know all there is to know about conspiracy or anything else. But I do know that a lot of stuff promoted as conspiracy theory by propagandists and media whores is not credible and, in many cases, doesn’t even qualify as conspiracy theory.

How is Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot) a conspiracy theory? Is there any credible evidence that some ape-like creature from the wilds of the Pacific Northwest conspired with Jewish Bankers or Congress?

Below are some things I don’t believe in and do not want to discuss on my sites.

giant lizard people — If you think such creatures exist, you are not welcome here. Go create your own forum.

space aliens — I think it not only possible but probable that intelligent life exists on other planets. However, there is no compelling evidence that alien species have ever visited Earth, nor is it clear if it would even be possible for them to do so.

UFO’s are another matter. They include experimental military aircraft, atmospheric phenomena and optical illusions. But if you believe in UFO’s piloted by space aliens, then take your cosmic intellect somewhere else.

flat earth — We all know Earth is round, and most people who claim to be flat-earthers are probably just playing games.

artificial earthquakes — Yes, a small, shallow earthquake could probably be triggered by a nuclear explosion. But major earthquakes release energy comparable to thousands of nuclear explosions.

And how could a conspirator trigger an earthquake with a nuclear explosive without leaving behind evidence of a nuclear blast?

cloning — Wait a minute…organisms have been cloned. I guess that makes cloning a fair topic for discussion.

However, I don’t want to see any discussions about world leaders who are supposedly clones. For crying out loud, Obama was born in 1961. Do you really think humans were being cloned in the early 1960’s? And what’s the point in cloning a corrupt pResident, when we’ve had a steady, natural supply of those bastards from George Washington to Joe Biden?

Catch-22: If you want to talk about conspiracies to promote any of the above as popular or credible conspiracy theories, that’s fine. For example, the media tirelessly promote flat earthers in an effort to make credible conspiracy theorists look foolish. Ditto for giant lizard people, space aliens and man-caused earthquakes.

You’re also free to discuss the psychological affects of such wacko propaganda. For example, there really are people who believe the world is ruled by giant lizard people, a testament to the media’s ability to brainwash people.

Accordingly, members are free to discuss people who believe really weird things, along with the tactics propagandists use to make them believe such things. Just don’t waste my time and patience with discussions that explore the possibility that these weird things might actually be true.

As a general rule, conspiracy theories that violate the laws of science aren’t credible.

Phony Goodness

If you want to tell me Bill Gates is a nice guy because of his phony philanthropy, go away.

Ditto for people who think the U.S. government really isn’t that corrupt or any soldiers who commit crimes while following orders are blameless. Please see my website Fuck The Troops.

Quoting Me

Feel free to quote liberally from any of my books or websites. But can you criticize or insult them?

Absolutely! In fact, I crave constructive criticism.

In that spirit, feel free to diplomatically point out perceived mistakes in my writings. Suggestions for additions or improvements are always welcome.

Quoting Others

Quoting content from other media, including books and websites, is a little trickier.

If you don’t know the rules of the road, then be careful. Try to keep limit your quotes to two or three sentences. Remember, you can always link to online resources.

Quoting content from other media, including books and websites, is a little trickier.